Innovative blend of cuisines inspired from the flavours of East Asia.

New_0005_Crispy-Chickpea-TacosYugo Menu-01

New_0004_Yugo-SlidersYugo Menu-02

New_0006_Yugo-Tangy-ShrimpYugo Menu-03

Yugo Menu_Crispy KungYugo Menu_Crispy Kung_Desc

Yugo Menu_EdamameYugo Menu_Edamame_Desc

Yugo Menu_Kung PaprikaYugo Menu_Kung Paprika_Desc

Yugo Menu_Lettuce Wraps_Desc

Yugo Menu_OkonomiyakiYugo Menu_Okonomiyaki_Desc

Yugo Menu_Szechwan BeansYugo Menu_Szechwan Beans_Desc

Yugo_Chicken Cabbage Wraps_Desc


Yugo_Ent_Chicken PankekiYugo_Ent_Chicken Pankeki_Desc

Yugo_Ent_Japanese Beef CarpaccioYugo_Ent_Japanese Beef Carpaccio_Desc

Yugo_Ent_Korean ChickenYugo_Ent_Korean Chicken_Desc

Yugo_Ent_Som Tam RollsYugo_Ent_Som Tam Rolls_Desc

9. Cabbage Chicken Wrapsyugo food desc Jan Updation-28

1_Shrimp BaoziYugo Menu-04

2_Seaweed DumplingYugo Menu-05

3_Shrimp ShaomaiYugo Menu-06

4Yugo Menu-07

5_Shrimp JiaoziYugo Menu-08

6_Vegetable JiaoziYugo Menu-09

7_Golden MomosYugo Menu-10

Yuritos / Stacks
Yuritos_Beefyugo food desc Jan Updation-19

Yuritos ChickShrimpyugo food desc Jan Updation-20

Yuritos Salmonyugo food desc Jan Updation-21

Yugo Menu_Chicken Teriyaki StackYugo Menu_Chicken Teriyaki Stack_Desc

Yugo Menu_Korean Beef StackYugo Menu_Korean Beef Stack_Desc

Yugo Menu_Salmon StackYugo Menu_Salmon Stack_Desc

Yugo Menu_Spicy Shrimp Stack_Desc

Yugo Menu_Shared Stack PlatterYugo Menu_Shared Stack Platter_Desc

Yugo Menu_Yuritos Chicken ShrimpYugo Menu_Yuritos Chicken Shrimp_Desc

yugo food desc Jan Updation-29

New_0000_Schezwan-Soupyugo food desc Jan Updation-26

New_0002_Broccoli-Zestyugo food desc Jan Updation-27

Yugo Menu_Pumpkin SoupYugo Menu_Pumpkin Soup_Desc

Yugo Menu_Tom KhaYugo Menu_Tom Kha_Desc

Yugo Menu_Tom YumYugo Menu_Tom Yum_Desc

Udon soupYugo Menu_Udon Noodle Soup_Desc
Yugo Menu_Glass Noodle SaladYugo Menu_Glass Noodle Salad_Desc

New_0003_Tossed-Lentilyugo food desc Jan Updation-24

New_0001_Thai-Mango-Saladyugo food desc Jan Updation-25

Yugo Menu_Tropical SaladYugo Menu_Tropical Salad_Desc

YumSum OYugo Salad_Som Tam Salad_Desc

Yugo Salad_Som Tam SaladYugo Salad_Som Tam Salad_Desc
Asian Wraps
Asian Wrapsyugo food desc Jan Updation-22

New_0003_Pad-See-EwYugo Menu-11

Yugo Menu_Pad Thaiyugo food desc Jan Updation-30

Yugo Menu_Stir Fried Egg NoodlesMenu Desc_Egg Noodles

Yugo Menu_YakisobaMenu Desc_Yakisoba
Yugo Menu_Pad Kra Pao Fried RiceMenu Desc_Rice Pad Kra Pao

Yugo Menu_Pineapple Fried RiceMenu Desc_Rice Pineapple

Yugo Menu_Steamed Jasmine RiceMenu Desc_Rice Jasmine

Yugo Menu_Yugo Fried RiceMenu Desc_Rice Fried
Yugo Menu_Pad Kra PaoMenu Desc_Wok Pad Kra PAo

Yugo Menu_Spicy Koreanyugo food desc Jan Updation-31

Yugo Menu_Stir Fry Oyster SauceMenu Desc_Wok Stir Fry

Yugo Menu_Thai Black PepperMenu Desc_Wok Black Pepper

Yugo Menu_TeriyakiMenu Desc_Wok Teriyaki
Yugo Menu_Green CurryMenu Desc_Curry Green

Yugo Menu_Katsu CurryMenu Desc_Curry Katsu

Yugo Menu_Yellow CurryMenu Desc_Curry Yellow
New_0000_Thai-Crispy-FishYugo Menu-12

New_0002_chicken-RendangYugo Menu-13

Yugo Menu_Massaman Lamb CurryMenu Desc_Curry Massaman

Yugo Menu_Thai Red Lamb CurryMenu Desc_Curry Red Lamb

Yugo Menu_KakigoriMenu desc_Kakigori

Yugo Menu_Chocolate Percolate ShibuyaYugo Menu_Chocolate Percolate Shibuya_Desc

Yugo Menu_Classic Arabic ShibuyaYugo Menu_Classic Arabic Shibuya_Desc

Yugo Menu_Merry Berry ShibuyaYugo Menu_Merry Berry Shibuya_Desc

Yugo Menu_Vanilla Nutella ShibuyaYugo Menu_Vanilla Nutella Shibuya_Desc
New_0001_Chia-Berry-PuddingYugo Menu-14

Yugo Menu_Moelleux ChocolatMenu Desc_Chocolate

Yugo Menu_Thai Mango Panna cotta Sticky RiceYugo Menu_Thai Mango Panna cotta Sticky Rice_Desc

Yugo Menu_Thai Lime CheesecakeYugo Menu_Thai Lime Cheesecake_Desc
Bubble Tea
Butterfly Pea Flower Combos