Yugo in Japanese translates to 'Fusion'.

As implied by our name, our menu comprises of a careful blend of dishes that draw inspirations from all over East Asia, including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


You can experience the wonderful flavors of the Orient through a meal at Yugo – Korean Shrimp Cakes, followed by Thai Lamb Curry with Rice and to top it off, a delicious bowl of Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert. Our innovative dishes are representative of a blend of traditional recipes from the East and modern culinary techniques from across the world, and our menu is as expansive as its unique.

Yugo is located in the Ground Floor of the Gate Mall, a premier business and luxury mall in the heart of downtown Doha. Being positioned uniquely in the business hub next to the Doha Corniche, we cater to both business professionals slipping in for a quick bite during the day, and families or large groups looking for a relaxing dinner after a casual walk along the seaside.